Sunday, June 2, 2013

GrandChampions Forever

A little look back to 2003 and 2004 in Bushwick Brooklyn where i curated some large shows of my friends work. "Grandchampions forever

Monday, November 7, 2011

GrandChampions Forever.. Uno Mas!!!!

GrandChampions Forever is an Art collective & show curated by John Breiner. There have been 3 installments of the show since 2003. These are pictures and art from the most recent held in October 2009 @ Factory Fresh 1053 Flushing Ave, Bushwick, Brooklyn

Im always interested in doing another send me an Email

James Blagden

Soner On

Jessica Smith

Rich Browd

John Breiner

Sam Friedman

Michael Farmer

Andreis Costa

Eric Elms

Louie Metzner

Sakura Maku

Mickey Duzyj

John Peters

Joe Whiteley

Ellis G.

Psychotropic Horizons

Denise DeSprito


Gary Fogelson

Mickey Duzyj

Matt Holister

Jordan Kleinman
(GCF members faces morphed together)

Josh Matta

Maylis Atkins

Graham Shimberg

Stephen Key

Peter Paquin


Cat Lauigan

we did some painting in the courtyard

we all did are own flyers for the show, collect them all

Louie Metzner

get biz